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Press Releases

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Frequentis Comsoft is proud to be supporting international customers to achieve their individual goals. The Press section illustrates just how far the company’s depth of expertise goes, where solutions are in use and how they are making a difference around the world. To learn more about any of these projects click the download button.


Enhanced surveillance data monitoring for Icelandic airspace

Enhanced surveillance data monitoring for Icelandic airspace

Frequentis Comsoft increases reliability and accuracy of surveillance data for Isavia Air Navigation Services (ANS)

Isavia ANS, Iceland’s Air Navigation Service Provider, has selected Frequentis Comsoft to upgrade its radar data monitoring system (RMD) to the latest solution, RAPS-SMD, which will enable further accurate monitoring of surveillance data, including ADS-B and WAM, and improve the air situation picture

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COVID-19 compels aviation industry to speed up the modernisation of the ATM system and prioritise business continuity

Frequentis emphasises benefit of SESAR virtual centre concept during pandemic

Many flights across the world remain grounded due to COVID-19, however, repatriation flights and cargo flights require the airspace to remain open. There have also been cases of interrupted air traffic control (ATC) services due to suspected COVID cases in air traffic control centres. Today’s operational ATC concept does not allow other sectors to immediately take-over operations, if area control centres (ACCs) are taken out of service. This calls for a modernisation of the ATM system, building on virtualised ATC centres for ACCs and tower, with built-in business continuity, beyond national or regional borders.

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Drones support Estonian emergency services during pandemic

Estonian Air Navigation Services, Frequentis and Threod Systems support Estonia with COVID-19 drone operations

Estonian Air Navigation Services, (EANS) has enlisted the support of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) manufacturer, Threod Systems and safety-critical technology provider, Frequentis, to support Estonian blue-light forces with a series of essential drone operations during the COVID-19 lockdown. The operations are supporting Estonian emergency services with medical transport and information gathering.

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Integrated remote tower and approach centre for Naviair

Denmark’s Naviair to tackle airspace efficiency and service provision with integrated remote tower and approach centre from FREQUENTIS DFS AEROSENSE

The integrated tower and approach centre for Naviair is a combination of a remote digital tower (RDT) and an approach automation solution (PRISMA APP).

In 2008 Frequentis Comsoft was already working on an automated en-route ATM system, creating a bespoke solution that combined all modern air navigation service functions, from pre-flight planning to real-time air navigation, the product was PRISMA.

This is the first time that both digital tower and approach services have been combined as one integrated system. The approach solution, based on PRISMA, is designed to autonomously process flight plan data and surveillance data for air traffic services (ATS).  This includes Safety Net functionality such as short-term conflict detection, area proximity warnings and minimum safe altitude warnings, all designed to assist the ATCO with optimal situational awareness.

EUROCONTROL awards FREQUENTIS Comsoft further five-year contract

EUROCONTROL awards FREQUENTIS Comsoft further five-year contract for the maintenance of the ARTAS surveillance tracker

Frequentis Comsoft will continue as the Industrial Partner to provide support to the EUROCONTROL Centralised ARTAS Maintenance and Operational Support (CAMOS) for the Air traffic management (ATM) suRveillance Tracker And Server – ARTAS. The new Industrial Partner contract will commence in 2020 and run until 2025.

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